How often can you find an eco brew pub that has a kid-friendly ambience and kids’ play area within its area? Well, I have found the Hopworks Bike Bar which is exactly like that. This unique bicycle themed brew house manufactures brews with organic ingredients and that too at the very location of the main Hopworks Urban Brewery hub of southeastern Powell. Opened in 2011, the brewery in northern Portland became a Certified B Corporation brew house. The theme of bicycle itself speaks on behalf of renewable energy and that is what won me over. Besides, I could not let go of the handmade pizzas, sandwiches and burgers!

The Theme Of Bicycle

As a tribute to the cycling culture of Portland city, the pub on the bicycle commuting route features the world-renowned handcrafted organic beer brewed in the twenty barreled brewery. Being an avid biker, I just had to visit this brewery where the bar is decorated with forty bike frames built locally. Besides, there are the unique additions of two stationary bikes which are open for all the pub visitors.

hopworks bike bar interior
The bar is decorated with forty bike frames built locally

The idea is to generate electricity by paddling on the bicycle and trust me, I had a hard time of waiting before I got the chance to ride those bicycles. As it seemed, besides generating electricity, the owner wanted its visitors to learn about the convenience of renewable energy rather than depending on non-renewable sources of energy. This reminded me of the Apex Bar where people can drink beside the bike racks. Learn more about Apex Bar and its promotion of biking.

Organic Beers –Sample Before You Take A Pint

Sit back at the bar counter or head for the outdoor seating under umbrellas to enjoy the ten different draft beers and one cask beer along with delicious meals. At only $8.50, you can get the signature Hub Sampler that has 10 seasonal and signature organic beers with the quantity of 3 ounce. I suggest you go for this before checking out the specialties on pints.

hub organic beers
Sample Before You Take A Pint

The bestseller Hopworks Organic IPA is a must try to taste the signature tap beer. Ferocious Citrus IPA with grapefruit, German style Organic Hub Pilsner, Long Root Ale with the taste of nuts, perennial grains, spices and grapefruit and the Vienna style Organic Wave Train are my favorites from Hopworks Bike Bar.

To go with the beers, there are a number of appetizer selections that I would suggest, namely Hopworks Famous Pretzel, Organic Single Hop Hummus and homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. You can choose you own salad with your choice of protein (natural chicken or sustainable salmon) and homemade dressing like Ranch and Blue Cheese. Hub Honeycombs and Hopworks Stout Float will also work after you have your customized burger.

Organic Non-Alcoholic Drinks

If you are not an alcoholic person or are visiting with kids, then the Hopworks Revolution Rootbeer will be your best and safest choice. Their organic coffee is made from B corp’s Nossa Familia and is a perfect start of a day. Besides, the Lemonades with organic sugarcane, organic Kombucha, tea and juices are also good choices when you are taking it easy.