Hi, I am Ash and this is my baby, well, my personal blog. Hailing from a crazy family that loves to travel every now and then, my gene carries the syndrome of travelling around whenever I feel suffocated by the daily routine lifestyle. In fact, I love to travel so much that it feels like it is part of my life.

Sounds boring, right? No? Well, then welcome to my blog where you will find my crazy stories of exploring my city, Portland in search of the best food joints and the watering holes. As mentioned earlier, my family was always the jovial one and weekend hangouts and get-togethers were so common. I used to wonder during my growing-up years if food and drink can bring people together, why not check out different places for different taste?

So, that is how it started.


The Blog Was Born

To be honest, I was never that sort of writer-geek. I lacked that aura or lucidity because it sounds so heavy, right? But that was before I started to explore my hometown with utmost liberty. The places that I had explored during my college years, now seem more unique as I visit there as a blogger. The nostalgia is there always and hence, I decided to express that nostalgia through my words. And, the blog gave me that platform.

Before it all started, I used to be an avid reader of travel blogs, food blogs and review blogs of different restaurants, bars and street side food stalls. The idea popped up in my mind quite spontaneously when one fine morning I asked myself, “Why not start my own blog?” After all, my city, the largest in the Oregon state is filled with neighborhood tap-houses, beer houses, tiki houses, wineries –to put it simple, houses of all kinds! And there it was. I decided to explore them all, one by one, taste the special food and drinks and decide which one would be worth mentioning on my blog and so on.

I am sheepishly grinning as I write that with the starting of my blog, my blogs were more like Facebook posts, small and crisp. As I started to gain inspirations and ideas from other blogs from round the world (and of course, saw the follower base), I realized that my blog needed to be more like a storybook where each chapter, or experience as I put it, should connect with the readers.

The Experience

Being a local kid, grown up in this very city, I was familiar with almost every lane, every nook and corner of the neighborhood. I am treated by the bartenders and owners of many of the bars and food joints that I have mentioned on this blog, like a long-time friend or part of family. The blog posts that you will find here, are not based on a single visit, but multiple visits to check out different varieties of drinks (while of course, staying as sane as possible!).

Once I had explored the joints of my neighborhood, I increased my boundary and started to visit breweries, bars and taphouses of other neighborhoods. And what memories I have made so far! It made me realize that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your part of fun. My city has a number of historic watering holes where food and drinks are best enjoyed with strangers and without spending much.

what can you find here

What You Can Find Here

Wine tasting, beer sampling, booze parties, cocktail nights or just catching up with new and old friends over a glass of whiskey –with my blog posts, I try to cover as many places as possible where you can create unforgettable memories. Different people have different choices and hence, I list different types of bars, wine libraries, taphouses, cocktail booths and more. Each place has different ambience, different décor, different drink collection and different sides –But, all have one thing in common, endless fun.

So, here you will find a glimpse of my experiences with those watering holes, the drinks that made me enchanted and of course, a thorough guide of how you can explore those places.

I am looking forward to explore more in future and hopefully, you can join me? As I said, I love to make new friends with whom I can share a drink!

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