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Bars That Look Expensive But Offer Cheap Drinks

Portland City, the largest in Oregon is flanked by the Mount Hood and Willamette and Columbia rivers. If you are an avid traveler and nature-lover like me, you will be aware of the scenic bicycle paths, the lively Oregon Zoo, picturesque Japanese Garden and the eco-friendly parks. For wine, beer and cocktail aficionados, Portland is nothing less than a paradise with the microbreweries, Irish pubs, neighborhood wineries and nineteenth century tiki houses bustling with karaoke shows. Exciting, right?

Who would not like a night out around the city while exploring the fun yet pocket-friendly tap-houses and bars catered by the suave ever-so-friendly bartenders? So, let me just list a number of bars, the appearance of which might seem expensive but will not burn your pocket.

The Alibi

Portland’s crown jewel, this Polynesian themed bar bears the late 40’s charm which complements the day-glow art, surfside assortments and saltwater aquarium. After a few sips of rum or mai tai with fruit juice, enjoy lip-syncing from among 30,000 songs.

the alibi
The Alibi

The Florida Room

If you want to get high with Bloody Marys, The Florida Room is your cheap option where the cocktail choices are enough to make you go crazy. At only around USD 7.5, you will get cocktails like Earl Greyhound, Blushing Senorita and Best Toddy Ever. The infused selections of Cucumber Gin, Hot Pepper Tequila and Ginger Bourbon are not to be missed either.

Swift Lounge

Swift Lounge can definitely be called the perfect hipster joint in Portland where you might get fooled by the highly energetic ambience and consider it to be an expensive bar. However, that is not the case because this is the place where you can expect to get a mason jar filled with 32 ounce booze at just USD 9. Turn up in between 4 PM and 8 PM during Monday through Saturday for the Happy Hour specialties like brown rice and kimchi, pulled pork, taquitos and more.

The Driftwood Room

Dipped in the 1950’s charm, The Driftwood Room is all about the mushy couples enjoying drinks with flickering candles, labyrinthine banquets, wooden walls and delicious meals. Tucked in the Hotel DeLuxe, in this cocktail lounge, you can get both champagne elixirs as well as sazeracs while relishing the Kumamoto oyster shooter, forest mushrooms, devilled eggs and pork belly.

driftwood room
The Driftwood Room

Kelly’s Olympian

While this Old Portland styled bar boasts of its 115 year lineage through its neon lights, pumping Indie rock music and cheap downtown fare, the 24 types of local suds offered on taps keep up the spirit of weekend watering hole. Enjoy your drink with the freshly fried nachos and cheese sauce dipping and after that. Your night adventure will be made unique with the arts show. After all, where else could you expect floating motorbikes over the bar counter?

Level Beer

While taking a leisurely stroll along the Marine Drive, I thought to check out this widely suggested bar, which also happens to be a common hangout place of a friend. With travelers from outer east, travel bloggers (like me!) and families visiting the nearby parks, the ambience is high with not only the twenty tap beer selections but also with people from all walks of life. You can enjoy the pint of beer at the outdoor covered patio having climate control feature and then enjoy your time with the arcade console.

Multnomah Whisk(e)y Library

The first thing you will notice at the Multnomah Whisk(e)y Library is the offbeat stacking of booze on shelves, yes, just as books are arranged on library shelves. You might find the members only policy a setback but don’t let that subdue you. Take a piece of advice from me, who turned up as a non-member –arrive alone or with one companion as early as possible when there is no crowd to be welcomed like a member. I felt like a VIP and a free soul as the old fashioned setup enticed me just as the classic rock music did.

multnomah whisk(e)y library

The Ship Tavern

Multnomah Village’s dive bar lifts up the Chicago spirit through the hotdogs, sub sandwiches, craft beers and other drinks, that too at cheaper price than the local market. If the domestic lagers are your favorite, enjoy them while playing a game of pool or while watching TV.

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