Hi, I am Ash and I am an introvert bathroom-singer. Yes, I tend to feel quite awkward no matter how much I love those high-spirited karaoke lounge bars.

On my quest of bars around Portland, I stumbled upon the Voicebox Karoke Lounge in the southeast section. The motto is simple – you sing with your voice-box in front of your friends in your own private room! I shed my inhibitions of singing in front of others and booked a suite for me and my 6 college friends. The owner had let me customize the suite as well as the party playlist according to our preference. It was unique like the parties at Multnomah Whiskey Library. Read more about it here.

Never-ending Playlist

From top 100 songs to the new releases, the extensive collection is so huge that you might have to search for your favorites among them. Starting from 40’s to 00’s, there are playlist choices for all age groups including teens, kids and Disney songs. The genres vary from Christian to Folk, Indie to Pop, R&B to Rock, Country to Punk and so on. There are even Halloween, Pride, Christmas and In Memoriam celebration songs as specialties. You can choose different themes such as Summer Hits, Fan Videos, TV Theme, Wedding, Break Up, bachelorette, French etc.

voicebox karaoke
You sing with your voice-box in front of your friends in your own private room

The Specials

During these years, I have also checked out the northwest Nob Hill location of Voicebox Karaoke. Both the locations have some special features –

  • Below 21 are catered Monday-Thursday before 9 PM and Friday-Sunday before 7 PM.
  • No alcohol policy when minors are present in suites
  • With SINGO card, you can win prizes on Thursdays by singing
  • Happy Hour runs all night on Wednesday
  • At $12, group of minimum 7 can sing throughout the night on Tuesday
  • At $20, two hours karaoke, two drinks and two appetizers are offered on Monday

While Karaoke is the main attraction here, the cocktails and appetizers like Brownie Bites, Individual Pizzas, House Tots and Pesto Roasted Cauliflower in the northwest location and BBQ Chicken Quesadilla, Piglets in a Blanket and Chocolate Cherry Bomb in southeast location surely keep the party going.