The Amazing Story Of Teardrop Lounge

The vibrant and bustling Pearl district as I know is the shopaholic’s paradise, thanks to its hip brand outlets and Indie boutiques. But, after I was of legal age of drinking, the artisan craft breweries became one of my most visited spots. Cocktails and Mixology is a common affair in the Pearl and due to this, I have found some of the most unique flavors of Portland. In my quest of more and more refreshing tastes of cocktails, I have finally found the hotspot of Mixology in Teardrop. Don’t let its melancholic name fool you, behind its name lies a euphoric world of vibrant cocktails.

The Reputation

Dating back to 2007, the Teardrop Lounge started its journey with the owner Daniel Shoemaker. The inventive themed décor and themed ambience has impressed the reviewers and travelers from around the world. Being among the first nightclub and cocktail bars of Portland city, Teardrop boasts of extensive drinks selection backed up by delectable appetizers. After all, won’t you love to be in a chic bar where you will feel at home?

“Best Bars” of the West, in America, best bartenders of 2008 and a number of feathers have been added to the hat of Teardrop by the world renowned magazines namely Playboy, Portland Monthly, Sunset Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Esquire and Food & Wine. It can be said beyond any doubt that Teardrop is among the top bars in the city. Learn more about the cheap bars around the city.

Cocktail Renaissance Since 2007

What I loved most about Teardrop Lounge was its unique blend or co-existence of evergreen classic shots and the experimental new-age combinations of flavors. As a pioneer of mixology, the head bartender and co-owner Daniel is always cooking up new cocktails with homemade bitters and tonics. As you walk past the cheerful people sitting on the outdoor patio and enter the cocktail shrine through the thick glass door, the island bar will catch your attention. Culinary experience and cocktail shots turn the already lively conversations into loud roars of laughter. And trust me when I say that no one is bothered because everyone is busy creating new memories.

As a frontier of mixology, Teardrop thrives as a safe haven in Portland for its vibrant combination of original classics, seasonal flavors and evolving mixological trysts.

cocktail rennaisance
Teardrop thrives as a safe haven in Portland for its vibrant combination of original classics, seasonal flavors and evolving mixological trysts

While you are sensuously eyeing over 350 drinks stacked neatly in the rolodex, make sure you taste Illuminations which is the forever favorite of Shoemaker for its smoky sweetness, thanks to its origin from the early days of Teardrop. What is so special in it? The smoldering tequila blends alluringly with the warmth of sherry while the maple syrup (grade B) and few drops of lemon add mellow sweetness and tantalizing sourness respectively. The final touch of egg whitish froth layer is like the crown of the drink!

Regardless of what you plan to order before entering here, the cocktail recipes continued for over two centuries will surely confuse you, so will the expertly mixed original drinks by master mixologists from Oregon. If the drinks were not enough, you will definitely have a great time gaining knowledge and skill from the masters behind its bar island.

Drinks To Die For

Well, the happy hour menu consisting of specialties like Love In The Afternoon, A Poet’s Dream and The Graduate seem fun, the main menu is a whole new world. My favorites are –

  • Seasonal –Boogie Street and Charm Offensive
  • Arid & Aromatic –Crisp vanilla-flavored Foxglove
  • Bright & Crisp –Robust and effervescent Brandy Cobbler
  • Supple & Herbal –Aromatic and nutty smelling King Bee
  • Rich & Robust –Bittersweet seductive High School Dropout
  • Spicy & Bold –Bitter, mellow and floral Continental Applejack Sour
  • Deep & Dark –Rich and savory Twenty-three Skidoo

Bottled Beer like Tecate and Pelican Five Fin Pilsner, sparkling wines like Grand Imperial Brut, Red wine like ’15 Pinot Noir and White wine like ‘17 Sauvignon Blanc are also common choices.

Drink Is Dull Without Food

From Deviled Eggs to Duck Fat Fingerlings, Spiced Nuts to Pickled Vegetables, Cheese Board to Radicchio Salad and Short Rib Sliders to Duck Confit –the food choices to go with the variegated drinks are worth mentioning. Besides, the Cocktail Onion, the signature of Daniel was something I had to try for its “piquant” essence and with Gibson, it surely felt like made-for-each-other!

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