Biker, Beer-lover and Blogger –the 3 B’s define me, when you ask what my mantra is in life. Well, the Apex Bar PDX or Apex as it is widely known among us locals and visitors from outside world is the place where unity in diversity of beers is reflected. Apex offers 50 different beers on tap, always –for a beer lover, what can be more exciting than this? To put it simple, beers from different parts of the world come with a meaning of diversity and there is definitely something for everyone when choices are many. From frequent dark and rare beer events to Timbers programming, from bicycle sports to six beers on daily Happy Hour –Apex definitely knows how to bring people who love sports and beer together.

How The Beer Journey Began

Credit goes to Jesse McCann who came up with the idea of opening the Apex Bar facing the bicycle rack, which supposedly is among the largest bike racks of Portland city. One of the greatest beer houses in my city, Apex is around 10 years old and much of its bike-loving geek visitors fall short of words while describing the easy breezy atmosphere of the large outdoor patio.

apex bar
Apex is one of the greatest beer houses in Portland

To be honest, I also found the idea of setting up an outdoor seating space in place of 4-5 car parking lots a risky idea. It struck me more when I was made aware of the fact that the seating area is adjacent to the bicycle rack. Doesn’t it increase the risk of drink and drive more conveniently? Exactly was my thought. Besides, why would anyone sacrifice such a large parking space to set up what, an 18- seating space and 63 bike parking space? You will get the answers when you visit the bar, just like I did.

Beer And Biking

Taking a bike to a bar might seem like a crazy thought, but as I chatted for some time with McCann, he was beaming in pride saying that a quarter of his annual visitors bring their own bicycles, thereby, the bike racks that can hold 63 bikes are often seen overflowing during summer months. Due to many bike racing programs arranged in summer, the clientele with bikes increase up to 75%. Now that is what you call a business strategy. McCann also points out that the setup of his bar beside a parking lot helps create awareness among the passersby about the evils of drunk driving.

What To Expect

As mentioned earlier, the taps are always filled with fifty drafts including many new varieties to keep up the uniqueness. Turn up any day at any time between 11.30 AM and 2.30 AM and you will get to try any among the 250 bottled beers too. The price ranges from the cheap $4 to $7. Learn more about cheap beer joints. Some of the beers that I have tasted so far are –

  • Blind Pig IPA from Russian River, California (16 oz)
  • Cider –Huckleberry from Two Rivers, California (16 oz)
  • Daily Pale from Reuben’s, Washington (16 oz)
  • Grave Rehearsal IPA from Stigbergets @ Wayfinder, PDX (16 oz)
  • Franziskaner –Hefeweizen from Spaten –Franziskaner, Germany (0.5 L)
  • Imperial Biscotti Break from Evil Twin, Denmark (6 oz)
  • Nitro Stout from Guinness, Ireland (20 oz)
  • State Of Haze IPA from Revision, Nevada (16 oz)

The menu, however changes from time to time and although you might miss out some of the beers you have tasted on your last visit, new ones will make it up for you. In a rock ‘n roll ambience, the regular locals are often seen chatting cheerfully with the special Moa (New Zealand) or the local drafts like The Commons and Alameda.

At the same time, I also liked the idea of bringing my own food here as Apex serves only drinks. For recreational purpose, there are pinball machines and television sets where motorbikes and bicycle races are always being shown besides soccer games and cycling videos.

While the lazy chatting under the sky seem liberating enough, the indoor coziness with the heart-pumping loud rock music will make you leave any worry. And last, but not the least, I would never forget to take a selfie with the background wall lined with popular beer levels.